52 Albums of 2019

    Welp, here we are. Almost a full year since the last post – but I swear, 2020 is THEE year.


    *Fast forward to January of 2021 where I am repeating this same line*. But really, going to make it a goal to write, reflect and post about topics, recipes, DIY’s, budgets, and anything else that I love in 2020. Stop the scrolling on my phone (seriously, go delete Tik Tok right now – that app is amazing but somehow a black hole) and use time wisely doing things that bring me joy and being present with those around me.


    This year is going to also be the year of unapologetically being me. For awhile, I split my blog into a different (almost secret!) Instagram account because I was worried what my current followers would think and I’d lose followers. UHH HELLO. So lame, Claire!!! You, seriously, do you.


    2019 brought SO much. A new career, pup (my best bud, Freddie!), an amazing partner who I seriously learn from everyday, tons of personal reflection, an almost full journal, mental health growth, new hobbies, friends and guess what – music! Goals are weird, because half the time, do we even stick to them? Why are we making that goal? I know myself, and when I make goals that are a littttle bit lofty and have no real reason to be making that goal, they rarely stick.


    So in 2019, I went a different route. Instead of cutting out sugar, eating Whole30 or whatever you chose to do, I chose to add to my year.


    In doing so, I listened to an album of music I had never listened to every week of the year. 52 new albums. And ya know what!!
    I 👏 Did 👏 It 👏

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