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#DIYsWithClur: Faux Marble Countertops

It’s crazy to think I’ve been in my little apartment for a little over three months now. If I had it my way, the WHOLE place would look my Pinterest boards, but, my wallet speaks otherwise.
I think this is an important note to anyone looking to do DIYs or redecorating – it doesn’t have to happen all at once. Actually, if you spend a little time figuring out what works for your space, your style and your wallet, my guess is that you will feel more connected to your space. 🙂
As I mentioned in my previous DIY post, my apartment came a little, well, plain. It doesn’t have the newest appliances (yes, I did Google how to work my analog Whirpool stove from the 80’s) but hey, it works! I’m perfectly fine not having the newest, prettiest kitchen – because I can change that. As a renter, sometimes it’s difficult to make your space “yours,” which is why this project is perfect for anyone looking for a temporary solution to spruce up their kitchen or bathroom.
Here is what my kitchen looked like before:
Mmm, yes – all nice and plain in it’s beaming white, out-of-style glory. Is this a terrible kitchen? No. (If we’re talking space, then YES, because who can live with only one actual drawer. Smh. I see you, fake drawers that don’t actually open.) But did it draw me in and entice me to bake, make drinks and cook? Nope.
Here’s where the DIY comes into play. Ever remember your mom lining the drawers and elsewhere with contact paper? Well, turns out they make it in different designs AND is perfect if you can’t permanently change aspects of your house (because yea, I can totalllly afford marble counter tops!)
The actual process was very simple. Although, it did take a lot longer than I thought it would and requires a bit of patience as much of it is pretty tedious. But I do think it completely changes the whole feel of the kitchen! I may or may not get excited every time I turn on my kitchen lights now.
Continue reading to see the rest of my process and some tips along the way!


  1. DC Fix 346-0047 Adhesive Film, Grey/Black Marble
    1. Measure your kitchen before you buy. I’m very glad I bought two rolls because I almost ran out.
  2. Stanley 10-099 6-Inch Classic 99 Retractable Utility Knife (You could probably use scissors or a sharp knife.)
  3. Cutting board or mat
  4. Ruler
  5. Measuring tape
  6. Credit card or anything with a hard flat edge to remove air bubbles.
As some of you may relate, DIYs sometimes turn out to spending more money than you anticipate (not having the right tools, etc etc.) But this was SO cheap. One roll of the contact paper goes for around $10 and I already had everything else.
Step 1: Scrub your counters with Windex. I used Windex because it’s supposed to work better with the contact paper, but you could probably use any cleaner?? *shrug*
You want to make sure your counters are spotless with no bumps or anything, or else the contact paper won’t go down smoothly.
Step 2: Next you will measure the first area with your measuring tape.  Translate that over to your contact paper and cut appropriately (bless their grid lines on the back.) I used a ruler to keep my cutting straight because apparently I am incapable of cutting a straight line.
Make sure you have some sort of mat or cutting board beneath your paper.
After you cut, the fun begins! I lined the top of the contact paper to the space where the counter and counter trim meet. I only peeled a little off the top so I could get a good grasp on where it was
lining up.
There will be lots of air bubbles.
This was a main reason I only pulled a little of the contact paper off – because you want to make sure you smooth out the bubbles.
I continued to smooth out as I pulled the backing off. I kept repeating this process throughout the whole kitchen. You will have to cut smaller pieces because the paper is not as wide as your counter… I didn’t really match them up, like at all, and it looks fine. I overlapped a bit when putting two pieces next to each other to keep prevent any grungy-crumb-catching-lines.
After spending most of the afternoon measuring, cutting and smoothing it turned out great!
I’ve already gotten BBQ sauce on the paper and it wiped up no problem. This was one of those projects were you really gotta commit but it’s worth it in the end. I have a lot of gold and copper in my apartment and I think these counters are a great way to bring everything together!
So for around ~$20 and a few hours of my Saturday, this #DIYWithClur was totally worth it.
***2018 update: paper is still holding up!!****
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