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#DIYsWithClur: 5 Minute Choker

Welcome and welcome back for those who have visited my blog before! This time around on #DIYSWithClur I am taking a different route than home decor.
As you’ve probably seen, chokers are the latest trend. From wrap chokers, to basic and some with charms. I’ve seen these being sold for up to FIFTY dollars. Fifty. So ridiculous. So I thought to myself… I can easily make one myself with one trip to Michaels and a few bucks. Here’s what you will need:


  1. Suede cord, 3 yards
  2. Beadaholique Beadsmith Jeweller’s Micro Pliers Chain Flat Nose
  3. Metal tips

Measure the cord around your neck and cut at the length you desire. Take your metal tips or beading and add it to the two ends of your cord. You can really add anything to the ends you want or can find at the store. I didn’t necessarily find exactly what I was looking for – but it works.
Depending on the metal tips you choose you can either tie knots on the cord, use glue or pliers.

I slipped the ends into my metal tips and then closed them shut using pliers.
And that’s it! SO easy! My total at Michael’s was $7.16.

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