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#DIYsWithClur: How to Reupholster a Chair

As many of you know, I live alone. You may be thinking, “Why have a large dining table if it’s only you eating on most nights?”
 Well. I need somewhere to dump my bag after work… somewhere to put my mail, somewhere to put my flowers, etc. etc. Haha! Just kidding. Not really, though. Although a little two-person cafe table would work fine, my apartment would look empty without a larger table.
When a coworker was selling his dining room set for an extremely low price – I had to act on it. Somehow I fit four dining room chairs and a table into my Honda CRV (please image me driving down major streets with all windows rolled down, leg chairs sticking out each window.)
Were the table and chairs in perfect condition? No. The chairs had definitely seen some love (and the bottoms of shoes…and plenty of spilled drinks) but I knew I could change that. After a little research, I found out that it’s stupid simple to reupholster dining room chairs. You just need some supplies and a little time!

Supplies Needed:
-Fabric of your choice
-Nail gun + nails
-Tack lifter
-Flat nose pliers (optional)
-Screwdriver (I thought the shorter, the better)
For the fabric – I headed to Jo Anns. They had soo much upholstery fabric available. I definitely could have done a more fun pattern – but I wanted something dark and neutral for my current apartment. I think next time I will try something more bold!

Step #1

Unscrew your cushions from the rest of the chair. You might need to get a flashlight or be in good lighting to find the correct screws. Each one of my chairs had 4 little screws and then the cushion came off very easy.

Step #2

Remove the old staples. This. Is. The. Worst. Part. Believe me when I say to spend the $6 and get the tack remover. You can pick one up at the hardware store or on Amazon. Your hands, and bent screwdriver, will thank you. I did one chair without the tack lifter and regretted every second. Once you get the staple somewhat popped out, pull it out completely using your flat-head pliers.

Step #3

Cut your fabric. I laid the old fabric on top of my new few yards of fabric and used it as a pattern. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just make sure it will fit properly on your cushion.

Step #4

Staple the two far ends of fabric onto the cushion. Make sure to pull your fabric tight when you do this. Now staple the two sides down, keeping the corners open.

Step #5

Secure your corners. This step is similar to wrapping a present. Fold your corners so they lie flat or cut into triangles to get rid of the extra fabric. Staple down and secure.

Step #6

Screw your cushions back into the frame and you’re done! Do the steps above to your remaining chairs and then time to admire your brand new reupholstered chairs!
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