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Efficiency Apartment: Kitchen Peg Board

Phew (again) – glad I really stuck to my 2018 goal of writing more. 🤣Guess I was too busy taking the “Year of Me” and travel too seriously! More to come on that – soon. I promise. Hopefully. Maybe? Yes.
This isn’t a year in review post, or a post to tell you about all the adventure 2018 brought, but a post get back 👏to 👏my 👏roots. A classic #DIYsWithClur, of course.

I recently moved back to Omaha (g.bless!) and lemme tell ya – I am loving it. Finally feels like I am not in limbo between two cities and can be grounded. Who knew those would make you feel like a person again? Well, they do. And with that – I moved into a teeny tiny apartment in the lovely Blackstone neighborhood. My thoughts are: living in a awesome walkable lively neighborhood > size of my apartment. But I was in for a real * treat *. Not my preferred treat of sweets or chocolate – but a conundrum of how the heck to fit all my stuff in here?! It took (and still is) taking some creativity, but it’s working!
First up on #DIYSWithClur in the new place – the kitchen.
One 14″ x 14″ section of counter space. 14 inches!!!! No drawers. A few cabinets. Who signed up for this! Me, apparently.
So with my extremely limited kitchen space, I had to get creative. Which is where the pegboard comes in. I thought to myself… alright, I have one pretty large open wall next to the oven and microwave, what can I do besides shelves?
Open, blank wall – Before
And the answer? A peg board! Easily hang your utensils, baskets, strainer, pots – anything that you can fit.
Let’s get to it shall we?
Supplies needed:
  • Peg board, cut to fit your space (usually the hardware store will do this for you)
  • Some sort of wall support, I used plastic toggle anchors (if on drywall)
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • 2×1 wood pieces or scrap wood for spacers
  • Hooks or peg board accessories
  • Level
  • Stud finder (if on drywall)
  • Spray Paint – optional
First you need to allow for space behind the pegboard. This is key for getting your hooks and such to be able to work! You can use long strips of wood (which I would highly suggest) but I just used corner squares (pretty sketchy, went with it). Having a longer piece in the middle will give it some stability, which I’ll probably go back and add.
Below is my set up for cutting wood. 😂 I’m having some flashbacks to building the floating mantle back in the day. If you have suggestions on how to efficiently cut wood in a small apartment, please, I beg of you, hook me up.
All about safety in this house.
Corner wood spacers.
Lots of fun standing on the glass stove top! Note to self – invest in a taller step stool.
Next I spray painted the peg board with black chalk paint. This is where you can get real creative! My cabinets are white and I wanted to contrast so I went with black and added the fun element of chalk! During this time I also spray painted the hooks and accessories copper because I have a #theme of excessive copper in my place.

Alotta fumes goin on here. Little sap, lotta fumes.
Best chalk spray paint I’ve come across so far – dries v fast!
Alright here’s where the fun begins. I would 1000% suggest doing this step with two people. Repeat. Two people. It was super challenging to hold the pegboard in the same spot (which ends up being a little heavy), my drill, standing on my oven, all while trying to properly drill in the correct holes. I don’t have any photos of this step and you can probably guess it’s because my life flashed before my eyes more than once.
So now your board is up – woo! Hardest part, check.
Add all of your hooks and have fun playing Tetris with your kitchen accessories to figure out what fits where.


Extremely pleased with how this project turned out! I may not have gone the perfect route, but it’s still hanging strong on my wall.

Have tips or projects for small apartments? Give me a shout!
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