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    The Lazy Girl’s Guide to a Quick and Healthy Breakfast

    If you’re like me, you put sleep before anything else in the morning. You roll out of bed, quickly get ready to go and head out the door. Some may say this is the lazy girl’s morning routine… but to each their own, *shrug.*

    Ever since I have started a full-time job, breakfast has magically disappeared from my morning routine. I find myself getting hungry pretttty soon after I get to work, which leads me to spend money at the coffee shop below my work (dang you, well-placed-coffee-shop) or reaching to unhealthy food at my desk or the office kitchen. I recently discovered overnight oats, and they have changed the way I eat breakfast! As someone who knows their morning routine to a T, overnight oats are perfect because you guessed it – you make them the night before.

    There are tons of different overnight recipes out there – my favorite is the peanut butter banana! Some others I make regularly are vanilla, strawberry chia, and raspberry.

    Most recipes stick to a pretty standard base of rolled oats, almond milk, fruit, and chia seeds. I also like to add honey and Greek yogurt! You can add whatever you want to fit your tastes.

    Put all of the ingredients together in a bowl or jar, stick it in the fridge and you’re done! Easy as that.

    Here is one of my go-to recipes: